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Thank you for visiting Ancient Art Tattoo Tucson and hope you will enjoy the colorful world of tattooing.

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There is a link to safe tattoo advice that will answer your questions about what to look for in getting a safe tattoo.

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At Ancient Art Tattoo in Tucson, customer satisfaction comes first, our skilled artists are trained in blood-borne pathogens, ensuring your safety. We will create the perfect tattoo for you, just give us the idea, we will design it for you or we have thousands of designs to look at.

Dennis Dwyer

Dennis Dwyer

The past 40 years I have been a world-traveling professional tattooist, making over 40,000 “marks.” Served six years as Executive Director of APT (Alliance of Professional Tattooists), co-directed the Tattoo Tour for 10 years, and owned and operated Ancient Art Tattoo of Tucson for 25 years. A graduate of Phoenix Seminary with a master in theology.

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Ancient Art Tattoo History: In the early eighties, my good friend J. D. Crowe founded Ancient Art Tattoo in Virginia Beach, Virginia and we formed a co-op of artists under the same name with the purpose of promoting safe tattooing. I started tattooing in 1971 and opened my first tattoo studio in Tucson, AZ in 1976.  During the nineties J. D. Crowe and I toured America, hosting 14 tattoo conventions known asthe Tattoo Tour.” We became the "Memory Makers" of that decade, bringing artists from across the country to share in what we dubbed the ‘art of giving’.

dennis dwyer tattoos

Precision Tattoo Supply came about in 1988 when I designed two tattoo machines "The Nail" and "Mad Max". My wife Gina began making her own inks from scratch and we use these quality pigments in all our tattoos. We continue to produce safe, quality ink, and offer reliable tattooing products including disposable tubes, needles of varying size, tattoo guns, tattoo kits and other tattooing accessories. Again, our concern is that you will be able to get the most out of your tattoo experience.


Please enjoy exploring this web site reading about my diverse interests and my travels to Japan, Israel and 14 other countries. Follow the links on the right side of the page that leads to pages about my personal beliefs, photo gallery my journey to Israel and page that has some of my sermons that I taught.

I am proud to be an American and believe in the Constitution. I have created a page for those who want to know more about what it means to be free.

“Old School” is the foundation, the roots of what we do and becomes a lifestyle entirely based upon respect for what people do in life.       Dennis E. Dwyer, MDiv 6/10/2011

I hope that you will visit my message from God. The link offers some inspirational thoughts, some of my sermons on the Gospel of John. I have been truly blessed to have lived a colorful life.



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The book is an autobiography of the chronicles of a tattooist, a journey through four decades as a world-traveling professional tattooist, who has made over 40,000 marks. It is a story from the unique vantage point of a tattoo parlor, and by exchanging personal journeys and stories with thousands of people from across America and the world from a time when tattoos were taboo to when they have become cool to do.

I will share America's incredible history and the rich spiritual foundation of which I have put my trust. "God, Country and Tattoos: each of these three, through the tensions each creates in the others, has shaped my life, forming the foundation upon which I stand.

A story of a journey through some of my darkest valley's and to the mountain top experience which shaped my life by willing to step out in faith and a plea to America to return to God, it is "a cry for freedom."

CNN news segment on book 7/4/2011

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Signed copies available for $10.00

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