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Each of us has a longing for change, hope and identity, but the reality is that we live in a world that can not give or fill that desire. I have been very fortunate in life to have gone to the mountain tops and walked through the deepest valleys. My desire from my youth was to be all I could be. Through many years of journeys I faced many difficulties and disappointments. Looking and wondering only to find that my identity was in my relationship with God. I have been blessed to have had so many wonderful people cross my path in life, many of whom have gone to be with the Father. But through those experiences I've come to realize that there is indeed a God. Not one who does not care, but one who truly does. Not one who is distant, but one who is near. You are probably wondering why in the world would you find anything about God on a tattoo web site. The word of God made a huge impact in my life and it is my greatest joy to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with you with hope that it will impact yours. I have been attending Phoenix Seminary for the past five years, working on my Masters Degree in Theology. Digging deeper into the understanding of life.

The forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace. Ephesians 1:7

Could there be a sweeter word in any language than that word forgiveness, when it sounds in a guilty sinners ear, like the silver notes of jubilee to the captive Israelite. Blessed, for ever blessed be that dear star of pardon which shines into the condemned cell, and gives the perishing a gleam of hope amid the midnight of despair! Can it be possible that sin, such sin as mine, can be forgiven, forgiven altogether, and for ever Hell is my portion as a sinner, there is no possibility of my escaping from it while sin remains upon me can the load of guilt be uplifted, the crimson stain removed. Can the adamantine stones of my prison-house ever be loosed from their mortices, or the doors be lifted from their hinges. Jesus tells me that I may yet be clear. For ever blessed be the revelation of atoning love which not only tells me that pardon is possible, but that it is secured to all who rest in Jesus. I have believed in the appointed propitiation, even Jesus crucified, and therefore my sins are at this moment, and for ever, forgiven by virtue of his substitutionary pains and death. What joy is this! What bliss to be a perfectly pardoned soul! My soul dedicates all her powers to him who of his own unpurchased love became my surety, and wrought out for me redemption through his blood. What riches of grace does free forgiveness exhibit! To forgive at all, to forgive fully, to forgive freely, to forgive for ever! Here is a constellation of wonders; and when I think of how great my sins were, how dear were the precious drops which cleansed me from them, and how gracious was the method by which pardon was sealed home to me, I am in a maze of wondering worshipping affection. I bow before the throne which absolves me, I clasp the cross which delivers me, I serve henceforth all my days the Incarnate God, through whom I am this night a pardoned soul. Spurgeon, C. H.

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